Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California, Santa Barbara

The Scientific Computing Group works primarily on the development of new numerical methods and associated fast algorithms for the solution of mathematical problems that arise in signal and image processing. This includes the solution of integral and differential equations.

On this web-site you will find our papers, technical reports, theses, talks and software that we produce as part of our research.

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Current Developments

  • MSN techniques for PDEs

  • HSS construction

  • Structured FMM multiply

  • Deep Algorithms

Currently we are interested in developing fast algorithms in the FMM (Fast Multi-pole Method) family as well as in exploring the applications of Minimum Sobolev Norm (MSN) schemes.

We are always interested in working with industry and national laboratories. We are experts in the stabilization of floating-point and fixed-point fast algorithms. Please feel free to contact any of us.